Say Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications

Talking on an aviation radio and understanding air traffic control (ATC) instructions can be one of the most intimidating aspects of flight training. In Say Again, Please Bob Gardner explains how the ATC system works and teaches pilots what to say, what to expect to hear, and how to interpret and react to clearances and instructions. His conversational-yet-concise writing style will help increase your comfort level when using an aircraft radio. Inside are talk examples of typical radio transmissions explaining how ATC works, as well as simulated flights that clearly demonstrate correct communication procedures in each class of airspace. This hands-on book covers the following: The ABCs of communicating Understanding radio equipment Communication etiquette and rules VFR, IFR, and emergency communication procedures Air traffic control facilities and their functions Review of airspace definitions Glossary of pilot/controller communication terms and phrases Let Say Again, Please help you learn how to communicate in the air.

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Say Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications
Bob Gardner